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Who We Are

Hi I'm Michael, the stakepool operator for ADAVibe.

By day I'm an System Architect building scalable and high available solutions. By night I'm Bat..., no that's not right. By night I'm running a stakepool in the Cardano ecosystem. 


We joined the Cardano Community in January 2018, while searching for next generation blockchain using Proof of Stake (POS) instead of Proof of Work (PoW).

The combination of the more energy friendly PoS, the great whiteboard video bij Charles Hoskinson and the focus on research oriented/ground up development instead of derivative work of other blockchain code made us enamorated by the project.

Since then we have joined a vibrant community that is unlike any we have seen in the blockchain ecosystem and we are loving it!

During the road to Shelley a lot of different testnets have been setup. There was the Node testnet, Networking testnet, the Incentivized testnet and finally the Friends & Family testnet.

We are proud to say that we have participated in all testnets! Using a variety of resources to capture the most information to help during all testnets but the Incentivized.

During the Incentivized testnet we ran a successful small pool starting from epoch 4. The real early days were rough, with a lot of monitoring and manual handholding until the node started to become more stable. During this time we tried to help other people set up their nodes and stakepools and fostering the community.

We were selected as part of the first wave of Shelley Pioneers for the Friends & Family testnet. During this time we aided in creating stakepool documentation and finding issues with the first Haskell node builds or providing improvements. This was a very fun and challenging couple of weeks as we needed to keep up with the IOHK Dev teams which is no mean feat!

Now with Shelley released we continue to uphold our values and keep helping other pool operators while running our own Pool.


We firmly believe in a truly decentralised Cardano and will not run additional stakepools, instead focusing on providing the best possible stakepool service. #SiSPO #1Op1Pool

We care about the stakepool ecosystem and Cardano as a whole. That's why we believe it is counterproductive to run multiple pools, as this has the potential to demoralize people to start and run their own pool or force other pool operators out of the game. Ultimately it is our belief that this will weaken the ecosystem as a whole and will, on a longer period, cause centralization to take place in the hands of multiple individuals/entities controlling the vast majority of the network.

As a community member stakepool we are not a for-profit entity and can spend our time on the one thing that matters, providing the best possible setup we can afford without worrying how this will eat out of our profits. We think that there is room for both enterprise stakepools providing additional value through their products as well as community member stakepools.

If we are ever saturated we will aid our delegates in finding other great stakepools to which they can (partially) delegate in order to optimize their returns and the safety of the network. We promise to do our due diligence on the pools we recommend. Selecting only those we believe bring value to the Cardano community, have interesting projects or have similar goals and ideals as us.

We will never alter our cost and fee structure without consulting and informing our delegators.

Our goal is to always accompany a cost or fee change with sufficient reasoning behind it so our delegates can make an informed decision on whether they support the change or not. Ideally we want to give our delegates voting rights on anything of importance to them. We understand that this will make it more difficult to alter our fees but we believe this is a necessary building of trust between stakepools and their delegates. Delegates trust us to not change the fees unnoticed, we trust the delegates to make honest decisions based on the information presented.

This ensures that delegates can trust us with their delegation for a long period of time, without worrying our fee structure changes without them noticing.

We are always working on increasing our reliability as a stakepool by expanding our network of relay nodes and revising our architecture and security.

In the first phase we will have relay support in Europe and limited support in the rest of the world. Our relays will run behind the same regional DNS name which will resolve to the closest near your location for the best possible connection. Our core nodes will run in an active/passive setup to limit the chance of producing double blocks and forking the chain.

As our stakepool grows so will our relay network grow to help people use the Cardano blockchain system. We will increase our relay count in Northern America, Oceania and Japan first as these prove to be hotspots for Cardano enthousiasts!

We are currently hosting all our infrastructure on multiple cloud providers so we can take action quickly a provider starts blocking or denying our services. Our aim is to run fully in a hybrid cloud model using an orchestration layer on top for manageability and to have on-premise components as required.

As said in 'Why Cardano', we think the Cardano community rocks!

We will strive to be an active and respected member of the community. We commit to taking part in discussions about the future of the platform, running testnets to try out new feature before mainnet, helping our fellow enthousiasts to about anything that might help Cardano reach its true potential! 

Our variable fee will also be used to give back to the community and further the Cardano ecosystem a whole.

We are going to be honest in saying that we are not sure yet how we will be using our fees but we know that we want to community to have a voice in this, especially our delegates! If you've got an idea, hit us up through the contact page and we will consider and discuss your idea!