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To the AdaVibe Cardano Stake Pool. We are committed to providing a reliable staking pool for our delegates. Please check out our news and blogs section for more information about the pool and the Cardano project in general.

  • How-to: Modifying Sync Peers in Daedalus Wallet
    Introduction The biggest issue people are having with the Daedalus wallet is that they are unable to sync the blockchain. This is caused by many people trying to sync with a select set of IOHK peers. Today we will be … Read more
  • The ITN needs better pool performance metrics
    ADAVibe information available in Pooltool.io and Adapools.org The Incentivized Testnet (ITN) needs more or better performance metrics. We need more metrics detailing pool performance. Because right now smaller pools are having a hard time showing they have consistent performance. When … Read more
  • Lottery on hold
    Hi everyone, a quick update on the Stake Pool Lottery. Currently Pooltool.io is not showing delegates and as such we are unable to verify our delegators. The ADAVibe Stake Pool Lottery will be put on hold until the delegators list … Read more
  • ITN Network State (Opinion)
    As many of you have noticed the testnet network is in a bad state right now. The most probable cause is the stakepools running multiple nodes with the same configuration. This allows them to sign multiple blocks at the same … Read more
  • Announcing the ADAVibe Stake Pool Lottery
    We are proud to announce the AdaVibe Stake Pool Lottery. This will give all delegates a chance to win additional ADA on top of the delegation rewards after the incentivized testnet has finished. We will start on January 8th, 2020. … Read more